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ENG: Interview with Stefan Batan


Captain Stefan Batan with some words ahead of the match versus Rynninge IK


After a nice 3-1 victory against Arameiska-Syrianska IF, awaits Rynninge as our next opponent. What do you know about the team?

We usually do our research on them two days before the match day so today the team will study Rynninge.

I watched Arameisk-Syrianska against Rynninge and have I have an idea on how they play. It?s reminiscent of most of the teams in Divison 1 and not a super team but a team which we must beat. However, we must be on the toes and be alert otherwise it could end up like the first game against BK Forward (2-1 loss)

According to Svenska Spel, Rynninge IK is expected to end last in the league and Assyriska in third place, do you think there is a risk of underestimation?

No, I do not hope that because we lost to BK Forward, a team that also was predicted to be fighting for their spot in the division 1, we got a wake up call over there from the last away game so both me and many experienced here will awaken the bodies of all who underestimate the opponents.

It is said that they are a strong defensive team, so what will be needed to open up the defense and win the match?

We must do as we did to Arameisk-Syrianska IF and move ball from side to side, move backwards and face up the ball when we get it and we have some quick players that we must be able to use and have so few touches on the ball to get it move all the time.

The Södertälje derby against Syrianska is getting closer and closer, have you thought about derby or is it full focus on Rynninge?

We have only focus on Rynninge, I've been in this game for a long time so in my world one should not think of matches that are further ahead, but always on the next match. After Rynninge we can start focusing on Syrianska.



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