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Help us rescue the national team of Assyria


After 20 years in the elite football league of Sweden, Assyriska is about to loose its license to play on highest divisions. On August 31th, a debt of 1.5 million SEK has to be paid. If the payment is not made Assyriska will be automatically relegated to the third league. The existence of the club as a team in the elite football league of Sweden is threatened.


The Interim Board, who took over in December and were later elected in March, has set up an action plan, but - and this is a big "but" - are continuing to balance the financial problems, while managing a powerful team. This threatens the team as Assyriska be relegated as it begins the season with only 17 players and no back-up goalkeeper.

The player's budget has been reduced by 20% compared to last year's budget, and is significantly lower than, for example, the one that the newcomer IK Frej has. Likewise, the administrative services in the secretariat have been cut down.

The Board has tried its best to lower the costs while raising revenue.

Yet we see that it is not enough. The club is fighting against the clock.           

In order to strengthen the midfield, Assyriska brought in two players, but could not sign a contract with them due to the financial restrictions. Assyriska has also been forced to drop its top players Jani Tanska and Gustavo Blanco due to said financial constraints. Likewise, Assyriska will not be able to replace Admir Aganovic who left recently. Those three players have left and are replaced by players from the youth teams of Assyriska.

The director of sport Sargon Simonsson comments:

- We cannot make the squad stronger. As I mentioned in an earlier interview, the financial problems and the struggle to rescue the professional license have damaged the squad's strength. Due to the financial restraints we were unable to bring the much-needed attacking midfielder nor an attacker.

Through the squad's hard work and dedication over the years, Assyriska managed to earn their place in Allsvenskan, the highest league in Sweden. Now, Assyriska is on the verge of losing its spot in the elite league, losing with it the sweat and tears that brought the squad there in the first place. Gabriel Isskander, vice chairman, says:

- We have made a decision that we will not bring in any new players. We have worked hard to reduce the costs this year and to increase the income as well. The focus will be on getting the funding needed to cover the deficit. The main priority for the season 2015 has been to rehabilitate the finances after several years of losses. As a consequence, we have not been able to strengthen the squad as we wanted to.

- I think and I hope that together with the support of our members and organizations, we can save the professional license and thus prepare for the next season. I am convinced that this is the best long-term strategy for the club. A club must be built from below, and if you do not have stability in the organization and finances, inevitably the future will be bleak, a future that we are unfortunately heading towards.

So what has to be done? Of the 1.5 million required, 500 000 is collected. That means that a million remains. That's around 122 000 dollars.

Our national team is asking for your help, it is through your contributions that we will keep this amazing team and continue to give hope for our nation. We need your help, and this is how you can do it:

Donate whatever amount you want by transferring the money to Assyriskas bank account:

Bic: Swedsess
IBAN: SE31 8000 0832 7902 3166 2743

Want to help through PayPal? Click here:

You can also visit our shop online and make a donation through PayPal. If you make a donation of at least 500 crowns (61,19 dollars + fee to the bank) the shipping is free should you buy souvenirs. Click here: 

You've heard it before, but never has the words mean as much as now:

Together we are strong.

Here are the people who have already contributed:

Akkad Shaba
Albert Hadodo
Andreas Demir
Aziz Jacob
Carlo Hadodo
Cemil Jacob
Charlie Sharro
Eryo Rhawi
Ferit Varli
Gabriel Isskander
Hedro Aho
Iliam Varli
Ninip Kino
Robert Baydono
Samuel Aho
Sargon Kerimo
Sargon Simonsson



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